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Grey matter and how to influence it

This month we will be discussing the Brain, the intricate and beautiful complex organ of folds, wrinkles and tissues that controls every process that regulates our bodies including: our thoughts, emotions, touch, memory, motor skills, vision, breathing, temperature, and hunger to name a few.

According to the Allen Institute, the brain has approximately 86 billions neurons, which is comparative to the number of stars in the Milky way. That’s a lot of activity in such a relatively small space.

Christof Koch, Ph.D., Chief Scientist of the Allen Institute’s MindScope Program, says, ““It may well be possible that while in principle we can sort of understand how the brain works, given its vast complexity, humans may never fully understand.”

Multiple recent studies show that meditation practices can improve grey matter in the brain, but what does that really mean and why should we care?

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