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Brains & Bellies Newsletter -Heart Movement

February 16, 2023

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) refers to many problems of the Heart, including heart disease, heart attack and stroke to name a few.  CVD is the leading cause of morbidity in the world.  There are many risk factors when it comes to CVD, some of which include:

·      High Blood Pressure

·      Tobacco use

·      Alcohol overuse

·      Chronic inflammation

·      Lack of physical activity

·      Type 2 Diabetes

·      Family history

The genetic component of CVD is something that I am, as some of you may also be, concerned with.  My father died from a heart attack, as did his brother, as did his father. 

We may have little control over these genetic elements of heart health (although epigenetic would disagree), but we do have control over daily practices like lowering our alcohol intake, not smoking, eating well, and exercising.

Here is what we know when it comes to exercise and heart health. 

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