Kidneys and Adrenals

simple movements to improve health

Mar 16, 2023
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Today is movement day, and we are going to dive deep into some specific but simple movements to keep our kidneys healthy and also to calm and cool our adrenal system.

When we look at the Kidneys from an Ayurveda perspective, they are part of the Mutra Vahasrotos system, which is a channel system that is responsible for balancing the fluids of our body and disposing of waste through our urine. Each of the systems in Ayurveda has a root, a passageway, and an opening that leads to another system.

Imagine for a moment the roots of a tree and how those roots take shape in the earth or soil and then expand into the tree’s trunk, branches, leaves, and blossoms. We can imagine the systems in Ayurveda similarly. So when we talk about Mutra Vahasrotos, we notice the root of this system beginning in…

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